“Cooking up Magic”

A beautiful slice of life from a devoted witch, mother, teacher, and cook:

These are the magics born in each moment.  The Witch Herself the Center and Circumference clad not in robes or draped in jet and amber but in the t-shirt she slept in, a pair of sweat pants and a dishcloth tucked into her waistband.  She stands at the kitchen counter as an altar.  She wields a steel butcher knife for an athame and a wooden spoon as her wand.

Read Cooking up Magic and send out a breath of thanks for that which sustains you today.

Collards anyone?

I’ve learned that Springfield, Illinois just doesn’t garden like the North. The flowering dogwoods everywhere were a clue. Broccoli and brussels sprouts definitely sulk, so on a whim this year I rescued a dozen runty, overstressed collard plants from an end-of-season nursery and put them in the garden I tend for my employer.

They are looking beautiful! Now, how do I go about preparing them for a vegetarian? Local wisdom is to boil them with a pork hock or smoked turkey neck. Anyone have a suggestion for preparation? I’m leaning towards a light saute with onions and soy sauce for starters, but don’t even know if I’m supposed to be picking the young leaves or the old leaves…