Coming up from the roots…

root veggies

Two nights ago I did some cooking, though I was not feeling particularly inspired to do so.  It was a week night and I’d worked a full day but we had some root veggies in the crisper that weren’t going to make it much longer.  They’d been patient and stored well (as they do, bless them) but I had waited to the point of no return and they seemed to sigh and say to me “now or never darlin”.

So I went about making roasted root vegetables – as well as a big batch of potato soup.  As I peeled and/or cut the golden beets, parsnips, sweet potatoes (for roasting) and white potatoes (for soup) I took the time to breathe and to give thanks to and for those lovely gifts of the land. 

I also began to think about fall and winter, about those fallow times where things become more still; times when we store what we need to get through.  I have been living a time like that – not only this past winter, but for all of last year.  Much like the food in my hands – I have felt bright, rich and sweet on the inside – but quite dull, drab and wrinkled on the outside.

I know though that I needed that time, needed that storage and quiet.  As I prepared a delicious meal of roots, I gave thanks for the deep times, the fallow times – the resting periods.  I gave thanks to Anna, Arddu and the allies who help to teach me about culling (as someone with 5 planets in Taurus…culling is not always easy for me).   I gave thanks to Freya, Herne and the Peacock, who encourage me to push past stillness and quiet, even when it scares the crap out of me. 

I found myself crafting transformation while I worked, distilling the flavor from this past year so that I could take it in again.  I set an intention of letting that flavor and that lovely food truly feed me (on many levels) in my preparation for spring, for rebirth.  I want to do more than move on from this time…I want to appreciate and learn from it.

The food was delicious, despite my having done very little to make it so (I love when simple meals remind me of the beauty of whole foods and their divine allure).   The magic was delicious as well. 

I am well fed; by life, by magic and by my own will.  Storing my sweet lessons, I am ready for spring and beginnings.

I will not rot in life’s crisper… ;>)