Where do your shrimp come from?

I buy most of my seafood from local fishermen and a local shellfish farm. I’ve tried to buy domestic shrimp when possible (due to an allergy to a common preservative in imported shrimp), but this article shows how challenging that is:

Today, if you live more than a hundred miles from the Gulf Coast, the shrimp you eat most likely come from a foreign farm. You can tour these farms while standing at your supermarket seafood freezer and reading labels. The top ten importing countries are Thailand, Indonesia, Ecuador, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, and Guyana.

Links to: US marine shrimp farmers, US freshwater shrimp farmers

3 thoughts on “Where do your shrimp come from?

  1. Thanks for this Elfin – sad, but good to know. When I lived in TN (and was an omnivore) Red Lobster was a place we went often…here, they are mostly out in the suburbs so I have not been to one in years. Now I certainly would not want to support them (there are too many wonderful indy places any way). It is wonderful that you have access to local fishermen. I have such location envy!

  2. When you were writing this I was reading about southern Illinois farmers who were raising fresh water prawns. I was excited about the possibility of local “sea food”, but reading further I found that all 60+ of the farms closed when the state closed it’s processing facility.

    This brings me to wondering if aquaculture is sometimes good, or is it always an ecological problem?

  3. It’s pretty damn disgusting that most shrimp comes from Oriental countries. I’ve heard horror stories about the shrimp farms in China and Vietnam. I live on the west coast only 60 miles from the water, and still have to buy foreign raised shrimp. I wish I lived in the Gulf States so I could buy Gulf Shrimp (the very best). You are very lucky people down that way.

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