How to Cut Food Costs

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I was reading an article from Mother Earth News about cutting household food bills in half.   This may not be new information for you but I thought I would pass it along in case it helped with those magical, sustainable kitchens.
To read the article you can click on the linked text above.  I have pasted an excerpt below.

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Cut Your Food Bills in Half

By Barbara Pleasant

Everybody eats, and what you eat is getting more expensive all the time. By September 2008, food prices had risen 13 percent in just three years — to about $165 a week, or $8,580 a year on average for two-income families that include two to three people. Can you really cut that in half? You bet you can, and in the process you will also improve the overall quality and security of your food supply.

It should come as no surprise that cooking at home is a huge step in the right direction, and it may require less time than you think. Growing some of your own food is a big help, too, whether you are growing a garden or investing some volunteer time with a community garden, school garden or CSA (community-supported agriculture, a system where members receive produce directly from a farm). But first there is another matter to address, which most people find about as pleasurable as stepping on the scale. You must take an honest look at where your food dollars are going now…