Bread is good!

I have finally made it here! I am happy abour the results of my last loaf. I just have to let the sponge sit a long time then let the dough rise a long time too. I got good bread with crust that is crunchy and good bubbles in the bread. I am excited to share this with my sister, who taught me to bake. What fun to share the bread with my loved ones!

2 thoughts on “Bread is good!

  1. Elfin dearest!
    I am one of the “quiet reclaimers” but BIG in action. Someday, when my broadband connection gets better maybe I will not be too quiet. Great to see kindred spirits sharing in the net . . . and web of our transforming lives.

  2. Yay for sourdough! My starter has been sitting in the fridge for the past few days and grew acidic enough to collapse (the acid attacks the gluten.) I just fed it and will probably bake a test loaf tomorrow to see how it performs now.

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