Spring is around the corner

Budding Ceanothus

Here in California, spring is just beginning to peek out through the winter rains. The days are getting longer, it’s easier to get out of bed in the morning, and the local plants are just beginning to flower. Soup replaces stew and the bread rises a bit more quickly.

3 thoughts on “Spring is around the corner

  1. Hi everyone, here in Colorado it has been abnormally warm and dry, which has it’s good side and bad, scary side. I am loving being in the back yard and starting the peas and spinach in the ground. Always concern about going into a drought when the weather is this warm and little moisture.

    Tomorrow I bake my first sourdough loaf, yeah, Larry and Elfin’s comments were very helpful. The starter is looking healthy and ready to go.

    1. Despite the winter rains, we’re also in an ongoing drought. There’s talk of water rationing this summer and I wonder how we’ll do. (Rationing is based on a percentage of what you used the year before and we already conserve water in many ways — low water-use appliances, drip irrigation only used briefly in the summer, etc.)

  2. Water rationing can be very difficult, we have had recent years of that. And, when you are already down to minimum use, go lower is a challenge.

    Denver has gone to charging more per gallon after a low rate for minimum use. Then, after moderate use,there is another higher rate adjustment. and I believe a 4th category above that. That is for residential use, I am not sure, but I believe the commercial use has the same type of rating system.

    The Denver Post did several Sunday editions on water economics, politics and law five years ago that was very interesting. Such as, after I purchase the water and use it, I no longer own it. So, after I put the water in my aquarium, if I remove water from the aquarium, it is supposed to go back to the sewer system, rather than into plants or my yard. Or, it is against local ordinances to collect rain water, that water is legally belonging to the local government to be collected in the soil and into the aquifers. Weird, water governance can be scary.

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