Coming up from the roots…

Two nights ago I did some cooking, though I was not feeling particularly inspired to do so.  It was a week night and I’d worked a full day but we had some root veggies in the crisper that weren’t going to make it much longer.  They’d been patient and stored […]

Honey, please?

Honey sweet

Hello magical ones…

I have been inspired by the honey magic that took place at Wintercamp this year and have been continuing it at home.  I found some delicious local honey from the Chicago Honey Co-op, which I recommend highly for those in my area (check out their website, they have an […]


This is my first post on the Magical Eating blog, so I want to introduce myself: I’m Matt. I live in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, with my partner and two cats.

I also wanted to introduce my three chickens. After some deliberation and much planning, my partner and I acquired three Silkie hens […]

Midwestern locavores take note!

Baba goodness

We have limited local foods here in Chicago unless we grow our own and/or the Farmer’s markets are in season.  Therefore when I find a local food product I get really excited.

I have been very pleased with Chef Earl’s products (which are made in Illinois), most especially their Baba Ghannouj.   […]

Katie’s here!

and hungry.