Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in the Kitchen

I was thinking about how the kitchen is such a metaphor for life:

Salt is like enthusiasm — add at the beginning and the middle, but reserve some for the end. Keep your tools sharp; pay attention as you use them. When you’re hot, sweaty, and exhausted, stop to appreciate the sauce you’re making. […]

“Back to the land”

Maira Kalman’s essay is amazing.

Food for thought

About six months ago, we were all hearing about a few financial firms that were in trouble. Who would have thought the troubles at Goldman Sachs and others would have all the repercussions we’re feeling today?

By the same token, there are signs that food production issues around the world are having serious political […]


This is my first post on the Magical Eating blog, so I want to introduce myself: I’m Matt. I live in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, with my partner and two cats.

I also wanted to introduce my three chickens. After some deliberation and much planning, my partner and I acquired three Silkie hens […]

Gather 'round the hearth

Welcome! Come, have a seat…

This blog grew out of the “Hearth Path” at the 2009 Winter Witchcamp:

Our hearths and homes are our most intimate expressions of self; the seat of our magic and our values. We welcome our beloveds into these sacred places; we laugh, work, make love and share food together […]