The Meat CSA

It started, innocently enough, when our regular CSA (Eating With the Seasons) offered some grass-fed beef. The results were extraordinary and we kept an eye out for future offerings.

Then they mentioned that Morris Grassfed Beef was offering “split halves”. That’s half a side of beef, delivered all at once or in 4 equal […]

Adventures in low-sugar cooking: Nectarine Sorbet

The cooler summer weather means we’re getting stone fruit far later in the season than usual. The peaches are more tart than sweet, but the nectarines have been perfect! It was time to show them some love.

I had an abundance of nectarines, and with Witchlets in the Woods coming up (where I […]

Summer Salads #3 — Tomato, Basil, and Zucchini

When Ambar brought home a Zucchini plant from the nursery (“we’re only planting one this year”), it turned out to be three plants all intertwined. So, we’re getting about a zucchini a day. I’ve been sautéing it, adding it to frittata, and baking it but it’s still the green Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Then I ran […]

Summer Salads #2 — Balela

Hello world!

Paging Dr. Maillard

We interrupt your regularly scheduled salads to bring you a bit of food science. The Maillard reaction is the one of the ways foods turn brown when you roast them (along with caramelization.) Oh, as in roasted garlic (done in a hot, dry pan)…

…or when you let Zucchini sauté until brown spots appear […]

Growing your own potatoes, even in the city

Two interesting posts on growing potatoes in pots, ideal for urban gardening:

Growing potatoes for Manresa, a simply stunning restaurant: Planting Potatoes in Pots Urban homesteading: Patio potato farming

I think we’re going to give it a shot. Ambar says my ancestors want me to grow potatoes and who’s going to argue with the […]

Where do your shrimp come from?

I buy most of my seafood from local fishermen and a local shellfish farm. I’ve tried to buy domestic shrimp when possible (due to an allergy to a common preservative in imported shrimp), but this article shows how challenging that is:

Today, if you live more than a hundred miles from the Gulf Coast, […]

How to Cut Food Costs

Uncle Sam Says Garden

I was reading an article from Mother Earth News about cutting household food bills in half.   This may not be new information for you but I thought I would pass it along in case it helped with those magical, sustainable kitchens.
To read the article you can click on the linked text above.  I have pasted an excerpt below.

Blessings ~ Jen

Splenda meets the ecosystem

I’ve been known to use Splenda (an artificial sweetener) in cooking for diabetic friends and those following an Atkins-like diet. Now, research done by a high school student in the 2009 Intel Science Talent Search shows that Splenda isn’t broken down by most water treatment methods and thus raises questions of whether this could […]

Living simply (and souply)

Soup was one of the first things mom taught me to make — a few aromatics, some stock, tomato juice, and possibly some meat and/or pasta. 40-some years later, it’s a favorite in this household.

When Ambar came home with some kale, suggested by a nutritionist she knows, we sauteed it, we made […]