Today is a holy day.

Today is Pi Day.

March 14, or 3/14, is celebrated as being an approximation of the mathematical constant pi. It’s a reason to celebrate being a geek and an excuse to eat pie, which are two causes I can support.

Years ago, I started saying, “Pie is the most sacred of all foods.” At […]

Bread is good!

I have finally made it here! I am happy abour the results of my last loaf. I just have to let the sponge sit a long time then let the dough rise a long time too. I got good bread with crust that is crunchy and good bubbles in the bread. I am excited […]

Dances with Sourdough

One of the Hearth Path teachers made sourdough starter with magical intent: created on the full moon, used to bake bread for rituals, and treated as a magical tool by both her and the path students at camp.

Bringing starter home has been like a new baby coming into the house — it has […]